14 May

Technology Entrepreneurs and Innovation

Entrepreneurship basically means running any type of business. It can be in the form of offering services or selling products. Technology on the other hand, refers to the application of scientific knowledge that could potentially improve human condition.

If you think you are an entrepreneur and “techie”, you might want to consider being a technology entrepreneur. Develop your skills, create something new or improve something that already exists to make a positive change to the world.

the technology entrepreneurs are advancing businesses and companies

Who Are the Technology Entrepreneurs?

Technology entrepreneurs refer to the people that offer services or products through technological ideas. The limits are endless with technology. One can create a service or a product for the music industry and forever change the way musicians process their production.

They can also automate processes of different businesses by creating and selling application that will have tasks done automatically to lessen the need of manpower and manual errors. Generally, technology entrepreneurs are people that create innovation through technology.

They help change the course of technological advancement through creating new or improving current processes or products to improve the way people live, work or simply entertain themselves.


Businesses usually follow a proven recipe to make their way to success. That recipe of success has specific principles and values that a business needs to follow for it to flourish. The recipe may have produced millions of empires however time the ingredients may already have been outdated.

Without innovation, a business can die because its value in the market and competitiveness will continue to diminish. What then is innovation? Innovation is the process of advancement or improvement. It is translating an idea, discovery or invention into products or services that has value. Innovation can be transforming an existing product into something new to improve the well-being of the society or create new wealth.

The process to create innovation can be having an idea, creating a product or service out of the idea and implementing its use to the world. One example can be a sticky note. Back then there was only paper and glue. Someone thought of somehow binding the two products together to create one with the modified function of both to create a new product.

technology entrepreneurs are shaping the world

How Technology Entrepreneurs Have Helped Shape the World

Technology entrepreneurs have changed our lives so much that we might not have even realized the hasty advancement of modern living that technology entrepreneurship has brought. T

hey have changed the way we manage and live our lives through offering innovative services and products. Think of all the gadgets or just any items you use daily. Those are all products of innovation. Cellphones used to be bigger and only have very limited features for calling and texting. Phones didn’t even exist not too long ago.

But someone thought of the idea and brought it to us and now we even have smart phones. Technology entrepreneurs have helped us get through our day to day lives by making it more convenient.

Technology entrepreneurs make use of selling innovative services and goods. The best part is, anyone can be technology entrepreneurs. You just have to learn the skills and master them to be what it takes to be one.

Technology entrepreneur are individuals who help bring about innovation and in turn making all our lives more comfortable and convenient. If you have think you have technological ideas that may help improve the world and create wealth as well, you could potentially be a great technology entrepreneur.

10 May

3 Things Not to Do When Starting Up a Small Business

When starting up a small business, there are a lot of things you can research on, read and watch. When it’s about starting up a small business, you usually stumble on materials that gives you tips and advice on how to go about starting it.

However, knowing the things you should not do is equally important. Knowing the things you shouldn’t do will make you even more aware of the risks and potential dangers in starting up a business. It can save you just as much as knowing the things that you should do. Here are 3 things not to do when starting up a small business:

the risks of making small business decision

Pick the Wrong Small Business

There might be random moments when you’ve thought of a business idea and you come to think that at you should invest in it immediately. Ideas without proper study are not good in starting up a small business or anything for that matter. Don’t simply react on impulse.

A successful business is effective because it has been studied and has been well thought out. You also need to know that your business needs to be something you want to do. It needs to be a passion of yours because business is personal. Business will be part of who you are.

Try to Do It Alone

Although there are millions of small business with only one person running and operating the endeavor, try not to do it alone. Change is a constant factor brought by time and if your business fairs well, you can expect much more workload to carry and do.

Don’t try and do everything on your own because even just starting up a small business can be too much for just one person. You need to learn to reach out, look for and work with other people to run a small business effectively and efficiently. Delegate the tasks you can give to others and learn to trust other people to do some of the aspects of running the business so you won’t have to do it all on your own.

wrong business partnership ends in disaster of the company

Jump into the Wrong Partnership

Starting up a small business and finding key people to work with you is like marrying the people whom you are going to work with. You may even end up being with them longer than you do with your husband or wife in a week.

Don’t just decide on starting up a small business with someone just because you are like-minded and share the same points of views and principles in life. You can however try and come up with a small project first and see how both of you will fair being partners.

Setting up a small business requires knowledge and planning. It can’t be based out of impulsive decisions because money is an important matter. Study and make your business plan well-ordered to create a potentially effective small business. Know the key people you need in you company and learn to work and trust others to be with you in operating your endeavor.