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Conducting Exploratory Trials in Scandinavia

Debating where to take your clinical trial? While emergent research settings like India and Asia have captured much of the media spotlight in recent years, there are few places in the world better-suited for phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials than Scandinavia. .

Populations in the Nordic region are ethnically homogeneous with a majority being caucasian. Governments and populations both display a positive attitude toward clinical research, with high compliance rates by trial participants. All citizens have free and equal access to healthcare, preventing sampling bias due to differences in social status. Health care facilities in the region have first-rate infrastructures and access to state-of-the-art medical equipment. In comparison to other countries, trial costs can also be cut in half..

In this audio conference, the speaker discusses these and other factors that make the Scandinavian countries a leading choice for exploratory trials.

This audio conference covers:

  • Low cost and high data quality in Scandinavia vs. other markets
  • Therapeutic and trial phase considerations
  • Participation and compliance rates
  • Current scientific environment
  • Available infrastructure to support trials
  • Regulatory climate for clinical research

About the speaker:

Dr. Claes Strom, MD, PhD is Chief Operating Officer and Partner at aCROnordic. He has worked with clinical R&D for more than a decade, both in academia and in the pharmaceutical industry. He joined the pharmaceutical industry in 2004, working in expert medical and commercial functions at GSK before joining aCROnordic in 2006. In 1997, Dr. Strom graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Copenhagen and went on to obtain his PhD there in 2004. As a respected publisher of numerous scientific papers, he also lectured in clinical pharmacology at the Danish Pharmaceutical University in Copenhagen, and in physiology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Copenhagen.

Who should attend?

  • VP/Directors Clinical Research
  • VP/Directors Clinical Operations
  • Heads of Research & Development
  • Program and Clinical Study/Project Managers
  • Directors of Outsourcing and Procurement
  • Therapeutic Area Leaders

*This conference is rated General interest.

Product Details

Dr. Claes Strom, aCROnordic
Conducting Exploratory Trials in Scandinavia
Title: Partner and COO
Duration: 60 minutes
Event Type: Previously recorded on 2008-10-30
Item #: ac20081030
30 Oct 2008 
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